Pros and Cons of the iPad

We all know that iPad is an eye-catching product for all gadget lovers . It is full of good features but there are few features in iPad which you might not like. There is a mix reaction about Apple iPad, positive and negative. I would suggest that before purchasing iPad , it is better to know about it’s Pros and Cons .

Pros of Apple iPad:

•10 hour battery life

•Built in Speaker and microphone

•Awesome App Store

•Interface is very much alike to iPhone/iPod Touch

•User-friendly to read newspaper, eBooks, magazines

•Uses home Wi-Fi

•Supports third party apps without modification

Movies – The iPad not only allows easy viewing of full-length movies, but with the Netflix app, users can watch (legally) almost any movie available. If users already have a Netflix account, the extra feature is free.

Some of the drawbacks of the iPad:

•No built in Web Cam – Although critics complained at the pre-release about this lack, Apple(r) did nothing to fix the problem, instead offering a “Camera-Connection Kit” that costs an extra $30.

•No USB support.

•Apps look funny – many of the available apps were made for the iPhone, and haven’t yet been adjusted for the much bigger screen on the iPad. They have to be reworked to fit, and that takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, there are fewer apps available to those that already own the iPad.

• It doesn’t multi-task.

• It is a fingerprint magnet. For something so elegant, it sure does look pretty grimy after a few minutes of use.

• No Drag and Drop file management

• It is heavier than you think it is. Using it as an e-book reader can be difficult if you are planning to hold it like a book for prolonged periods of time.

•No SD card reader built-in.

• Typing on the keyboard can be hard to get used to. You have to set it down to place your hands on the keyboard, which is awkward and odd. You may not be able to compose long e-mails on it.

•It does not support Flash and tens of thousands of  web sites use Flash. They won’t be able to quickly change to HTML5 like some media sites have.

• It will not replace your notebook or iPhone. You won’t be able to produce a lot on this. It is meant for you to consume media like music and video. Producing things like video, photo, or written text is not really the best experience.

•GPS is not supported completely .

• It is expensive for something you’re not sure you need yet. There is always the chance that Apple will lower the price in a few months like they did with the iPhone. There is also a very good chance that a camera will be installed in the next installation of the device. So if video calling is important to you, you might want to wait.

• It is not a high definition experience. High resolution but not HD.

• You cannot annotate your books from the iTunes store. So if you are reading a book you bought through Apple, you can’t take notes on the book or mark passages like you can on the Kindle.

•You won’t able to connect iPad to TV because there are no HDMI output.
So although the iPad has begun its young life with heaps of expectations and certainly lots of potential, its future is uncertain. With Apple’s propensity for putting a high price on everything and its paranoia with regards to anything open-source, the iPad, although cool and new, might not be as cool when the competition releases its product that has flash, has a web cam built-in, and has a price tag significantly smaller.


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