i i i – Yet Another iPhone!

“Now serving customer number six hundred thousand?” With all the buzz about the new iPhone 4, there certainly are some great improvements to expect from Apple, but the phone isn’t exactly living up to it’s touted potential, but it sure looks pretty.

The iPhone 4’s front and back panel are made out of chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass instead of shiny plastic. But this is glass and glass breaks and shatters, and it isn’t exactly scratch resistant. Careful which pocket you put your phone in–the one with the keys will make the phone look almost unreadable with the amount of scratches on it, not to mention if you drop it, it will spiderweb like a windshield.

When first looking at the phone, it looks impressive. But taking a closer look you’ll see yellow dots that are on the face of the phone, which some are speculating that these areas of pale yellow are related to how the phone is being held, but so far Apple hasn’t stated anything on the subject. Perhaps it was just a bad batch of screens and later version won’t have this issue. It certainly speaks to Apple’s quality control though.

Along with AT&T’s piss-poor service which has further contributed to the phones lack of reception, the phone has a serious flaw in the way you hold the phone, especially when you touch the bezel with your left hand–but how exactly do you get away from that if your holding it? You don’t!

The “Grip of Death” iPhone 4 flaw had Steve Jobs in rather unfamiliar territory when he too lost his wifi signal when he showed the demo version to the public, which had him visibly upset and blaming it on his audience having their phones on interfering with the wifi signal which he claimed was the reason for the poor reception. We now know that wasn’t the case but rather a major glitch of the antenna of the phone itself.

When you add in that the new features of the camera are crashing many iPhones, the reception problems, despite the myriad of other issues, the phone is indeed one of the best out there in terms of, well, apps.

Apps are probably the pinnacle of reasons why most buy the phone, although having the latest tech toy to boast in your friends faces almost makes the issues and cost of the phone worth it.

Speaking of cost, it ain’t cheap owning an iPhone. With the cost of the phone itself for some , and the AT&T phone plan, and the data plan that is required to purchase the phone, even if you don’t plan on using the Internet, it’s a hefty price just to talk to someone or find your nearest coffee shop or book store on the GPS.

The approximate cost of having an iPhone depending on the plan you have minus the cost of the Apps, can run upwards with the unlimited calling plan and 2GB data plan a whopping $1,140 a year. Account for accessories and applications and it can be well over $2,000 a year for a brand spanking new, look what I’ve got, I can see you, can you see me, hello….hello, are you there iPhone 4.

I can’t wait for next year for the “new and improved” version of the “I gotta have it” iPhone.

Although having the #1 App that farts makes it all the more worth owning. Go iPhone!


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