BP – Big Phailure

The word Phailure is a special type of failure, about 7 levels below failure. Failure so fantastic, it’s written about in epic novels.

It’s difficult to impart just how devastating the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico has impacted an incredible amount of environmental toll on marine life, pristine Louisiana and Florida shoreline, enormous economic loss, the loss of thousands of jobs in the fishing industry, tainted toxic seafood, and the tragic loss of 40+ lives from the explosion on the BP oil rig. And with no end in sight, an influx of skilled engineers still unable to cap off the tens of thousands gallons per day of gushing oil increasing the likelihood that things will only get worse before they get any better.

This is the largest oil spill in our nations history, and throughout history with this spill alone from April 20th to present, it has spilled roughly 72,000-600,000 tons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The Exxon Valdez oil spill two decades ago spilled 10.8 million US gallons (40.9 million litres, or 250,000 barrels) of crude oil was a mere drop in the bucket of what the spill is in the Gulf of Mexico.

The efforts of BP and the US government has done far too little and has been far too late in the efforts to keep this crisis from creating even further devastation. This is and never was the responsibility of President Obama until he made it his. His character of leadership to take the reins shows without a doubt his resolve to help this crisis. This should have been the sole responsibility of BP to have in place contingency plans that would lessen the impact should something like this were to occur.
The regulatory agencies that oversee BP and over 1,000 oil rigs dotting just the gulf of Mexico has failed in it’s duty in preventing this from happening. Accidents surely do occur in an industry such as this, but to fail to strengthen their regulations to put in place a system of redundancies to ensure that there are key contingency plans in place to contain an oil spill of this nature were obviously not in place. Sadly those regulatory agencies overseeing oil rigs have failed miserably.
Maybe this is a poignant sign pointing in all our faces at something more than spilled milk saying that fossil fuels are not the way to go, especially in light of the carnage that is seen by the mistakes of man’s attempt at tapping into and draining earth’s limited resources. You’d think ‘they’d’ get it by now!
Sustainable resources like solar, wind and electric green energy should be infused in every avenue of our lives allowing a much cleaner source of energy with less toxicity as fuel such as gas, coal and oil create.
The overwhelming jab at mother Earth in this instance came to past in part because of the de-regulation from the Bush administration. Tethered along with this is what brought on the de-regulation of wall street that Bush created which has come full circle and has slapped the US in the face once again, specifically from the Bush/Cheney administration, which we are seeing the boomerang effect with a catastrophic outcome of not only the BP oil spill, but the economic instability and crash of wall street, the millions of foreclosure’s and millions of lost jobs. These fiasco’s are directly correlated and were orchestrated by Bush’s legacy of corruption and greed–all due to the de-regulation of big corporations.

There is no question that this oil spill will be far reaching beyond the scope of any environmental disaster that we have ever seen in this world thus far. It is once again man’s attempt at gaining greed and power through which the the almighty dollar is more important than the lives of American’s and other countries people. Mans destruction for it’s profits go back decades. If you look at Chernobyl and the radioactivity that still exists to this day has created a toxic ghost town. There is a 80 mile radius with no one in sight other than scattered researchers taking data and radioactive samples and readings.

To that, the deforestation of the Amazon rain forest which has far reaching implications on the earth’s climate, which is now being seen from the melted ice caps which are flooding out small cities and putting them under water and killing everyone in the floods path. This is all at the hands of short sighted corporate greed mongers putting profits before people’s lives and ultimately the horrendous immeasurable toll they are placing on our world and it’s people.

The time has far past the need for more regulations instilling in our lives and guaranteeing events like these will not further cripple this world and put us in further jeopardy to which the resources of this planet are stripped bare. It’s only a matter of time before it all runs out, and then what are we to do? Man’s constant need for greed has created nothing good for the betterment of mankind, but rather has de-humanized the lessened the capacity for compassion for our world which is greater than ourselves, and has pushed us further against the moral grain of humanity giving greater rise to mans destructive ways for mere profit.

Let us instead send a message to create and build a sustainable future for our children, their grandchildren and beyond. It is time to not do what only can be done, but do it in such a way that will leave a lasting legacy of one our future generations can look back with respect and gratitude that we accomplished and ensured their lives with a planet that is safe and livable for them, and for their future generations to come.


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