Google Scammers Spam Craiglisters

This news article looks pretty legitimate offering Google for it’s work at home job, but don’t be fooled. It’s a SCAM!

While the ad content is legitimate for Google Ad Sense and Google Word Sense, the link in the article directs you to a SCAM WEBSITE which asks for a $1.99 “shipping and handling fee”, which of course is anything but that. They also gather your personal information and sell it. Staying clear from these sites isn’t easy when they look like they’re offering fantastic opportunity with such little investment. That’s a major RED FLAG to look for!

I posted on craigslist many times and just recently was sent an email from a spammer with a link attached that directed me to this website.

None of these scams being touted are in any way associated with Google.

The “Google Work From Home Scam” has been around for a while, but I thought I’d post this just to give anyone a heads up of just what some other scams that people on craigslist are trying to get away with, and if people fall for it, they not only take your money, but your personal information as well.

Although Google does have some very legitimate job opportunities such as Google ad sense and Google word sense, which is the only money making opportunities that Google offers. The old saying: when it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

This is the link to the fake news article, and even the Youtube video is edited to have you believe that it’s in fact a legitimate work from home job when it’s not. This is the SCAM WEBSITE that is linked on the news article page. Please do not input any information whatsoever on this site, but only to view it and see what a scam website looks like.

So, you are forewarned about this and hope this serves you well not to take anyone’s word for anything these days, especially if you’re contact by someone you do not know online.


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