Don’t Mess With The Gays!

I just really don’t get the overwhelming sentiment that somehow gay marriage is going to corrupt or infringe on traditional marriage whatsoever. National Organization for Marriage traffics in hate and fear to their website and cause, and does this under the guise of holding the sanctity of marriage in some held high esteem.

I guess the 52 hour marriage of Britney Spears, the divorce rate sky-rocketing to over 65% now, and the cohorts that feel straight married couples somehow are better fit to be married or have children than gay married couples.
It’s fear and discrimination like this that does nothing for the religious right, nor does it address the deeper issue of their obvious homophobia. It’s undeniable that churches preach from the bible that it is a sin and wrong to commit adultery, to have children outside of wedlock, and it specifically abhors separation and divorce.
Divorce itself was as stated by Jesus himself insisted that marriage must be indissoluble (God’s original plan). He abrogated accommodations that had compromised the sixth commandment. Therefore between a couple who is married, “a ratified and consummated marriage cannot be dissolved by any human power or for any reason other than death”, yet we don’t see the National Organization for Marriage coming down against the 65% of divorcees.
And why is that? Maybe they feel they can just pick and choose the passages to fit their own agenda? Or is it conceivable that the “will of God” exists for everyone but those who commit an abomination against the commandments. Hm, wasn’t shell fish considered an abomination? I guess married homosexuals eating shellfish is the biggest sin of all.
No where in the Bible does it state that homosexuality is a sin, nor does it state that marrying the same sex is sinful. It’s the religious sect that espouses it’s bigotry towards anyone but themselves if their interpretation of the Bible of anyone that goes against what they have ‘chosen’ believe by the interpretations that they made from the Bible.
The N.O.M says same-sex marriage will somehow demoralize the sanctity of traditional marriage, yet Canada has legalized marriage in 2005, and since then they haven’t seen in four years any construct of a deterioration of society or infringement on anyone due to the ruling of same-sex marriage.
But I guess the religious folks who don’t support gay marriage will pick and choose the passage where the Bible states “Love Thy Neighbor”, “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart” or, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”. So, let them pick and choose and interpret their Bible verses. It only cast them in a negative light by espousing their own agenda of discrimination and intolerance.
Do gays really need religious fanatical tyrants like the N.O.M. telling anyone how to live their lives when clearly it doesn’t affect their lives in the slightest? And, how exactly does a gay married couple infringe on anyone else marriage, and how could marriage between two loving people ever threaten anyone if it’s bounded in love?
If the National Organization for Marriage doesn’t support gay marriage, they shouldn’t get one.
Marriage is a human right, NOT a heterosexual priviledge.

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