Virgnia Foxx Mis-represents Matthew Sheppard Hate Crime Bill

REP. VIRGINIA FOXX (R-NC) on the house floor stated: “There was a bill, the hate crimes bill that’s called the Matthew Shepard bill is named after a very unfortunate incident that happened where a young man was killed, but we know that that young man was killed in the commitment of a robbery. It wasn’t because he was gay. The bill was named for him. The hate crimes bill was named for him. But it’s really a hoax that that continues to be used as an excuse for passing these bills.”

20/20 reported about the Matthew Sheppard case which was so ladened with such false information that it was laughable having no credibility. But apparently Ms. Foxx saw the 20/20 story about Matthew Sheppard which sadly mis-represented the facts about his death, or just has no clue about the facts of the case.
It’s media’s attempt once again to re-purpose it’s function in any factual basis, and in the face of that mis-inform people like Foxx believing that this drivel is somehow valid.I’m not sure what 20/20’s motivation was to skew the facts about Sheppard’s death, but what this shows is that people, even in held in an elected position can be subject to being stuped in believing wrong information.
I don’t know what upsets me more, the fact that 20/20 told that malicious untrue story, or that Congresswoman Foxx could believe it. I think it’s a tie: the show and she are both unworthy of any support whatsoever.
Matthew Shepard’s mom Judy Shepard, is a woman of enormous dignity and courage, crusading for legislation and for changes of attitude that would make crimes like this impossible. To lose a son under those circumstances, and then to have to listen to this ignorant woman diminish what happened, was just a disgrace.
In the words of Keith Olberman: “She is at best callous, insensitive, criminally misinformed. At worst she is a bald-faced liar. And if there is a spark of a human being in there somewhere, she should either immediately retract and apologize for her stupid and hurtful words or she should resign her seat in the House.”
I agree!

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