Animal Shelter Run Entirely by KIDS!

The Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary known as D.A.W.G.S., in Texas’ panhandle is proof positive that hard workers who are committed to helping our county’s shelter animals come in all shapes and sizes.

This very special rescue group is run almost entirely by children. One historic spring in 2003 school teacher Dianne Trull was talking to her students about pet over population and one child earnestly inquired, “Why do the dogs have to die?”

Able to grasp the power in that moment and unwilling to tell her students that they were powerless to help these desperate animals, Diane instead took it upon herself to empower these young leaders. As Diane puts it, together her students, her family and she set out to “change how the world works. And change the world they have done indeed–in spite of tremendous obstacles– for themselves and the over 5,000 dogs and cats they have placed in loving homes!

In an effort to protect the shelter from the forces of nature, D.A.W.G.S. is now enrolled in a USDA conservation program that will match the funds they raise to build a natural windbreak out of trees. This is yet another challenge for the amazing team at D.A.W.G.S, a challenge we have no doubt they will meet. Especially if we all put the word out and show them that they have the support of all of us.


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