The Boobie Trap

Blip blam boom, your done! All in one fell swoop, she’s got bigger boobies. As a part of the convenient drive-through mentality that has befallen most all American’s nowadays, it’s no wonder “millions have been served” with cosmetic surgery.

But beyond the easy road it takes to get a boob job, why are more women than ever sticking these oversized obvisously fake looking cantelope shapped ballons in their chest?

For those who need reconstructive surgery, this proceedure may be necessary. But elected surgery to put silicone in one’s body is just beyond reason.

Every culture has some sort of elicit form of attraction that is ‘suppose’ to make the women more attractive or appealing. In the US it’s boob jobs and plastic surgery.

In Africa, neck rings worn by women of the Padaung are a reminder of the long-necked dragon mother from whose egg the Paudaung emerged which represents fertility.

In other areas of the continent, women implant lip plates that have become the main distinguishing feature of the Mursi tribe. A girls lip is cut by her mother or someone else she agrees too at about the ages of 13-16 usually around 6 moths before marriage.

Maybe it’s that women have a penance for sticking objects inside their bodies to attract men, and they’ve been doing it for decades. But isn’t it men who are suppose to be sticking something else in women’s bodies other than silicone implants?

The female gender has been brainwashed by the media since birth by shoving these false images of what the media thinks someone is suppose to look like, which is extremely unrealistic, and gives a very skewed view of what beauty represents. Beauty comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, but he motivating factor behind the beauty industry, is you guessed it, it’s the multi-billion dollar making scam that women buy into.

Eye cream, leg cream, hair cream, hair dye, make-up, diet pills, boob jobs, tummy tucks, butt implants, laser peels,chemical peels, hair extentions, fake nails, nose jobs, false eye lashes, botox, and face lifts- are all implicated as the fallacy that is driven by the ‘beauty-made-by-media’ campaign.

There’s such a huge stigma on being young, or thin, or hot, wrinkle free, or whatever is superficially geared which creates a false sense of what beauty really is, and the beauty industry knows this and relies, and preys on it. Everywhere we turn there’s something being shown that mis-represents what beauty is, by TV, magazines, movies, etc. which only re-inforces the beauty trap.

No wonder why so many people have such self image issues-they’ve been bombarded with the ‘beauty rules’ by the media, and by society since birth.

It would be unfortunate, but quite probably in the not too distant future if someone wants a boob job or any other cosmetic proceedure done, all they’ll have to do is drive up to the ‘fast-fake-beauty’ window and place their order and say, “I’ll have a dermapeel, a boob job, a lip injection with a side order of botox, oh, and please, super-size” me!!


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  1. DJCharles says:

    i know you want a boob job too.. hee hee

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