Sagging Pants Breaks Law

“RIVIERA BEACH, Fla. — As fashion statements go, the young men’s “sagging pants” look, with trousers slung low enough to reveal a generous swath of boxer shorts, has some lamentable drawbacks.
For one thing, it can veer perilously close to the ultimate wardrobe crisis for a man: a sudden drop of trousers to the ankles. Then there is the legal issue. In this tiny beachfront town 70 miles north of Miami, the look is against the law.

 Last year, more than 70 percent of voters here backed an ordinance making it illegal to wear trousers low enough to reveal skin or underwear. Mr. Russell said after the hearing that the sagging pants issue was of prime importance to Riviera Beach. “We’re working very hard to improve the image of our city,” he said. “

Is nothing sacred anymore–just say YES to saggers ‘crack’!


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