Write Yourself a Check!-The Universal Check

The Bank of the Universe is open and with the universal check, you can visualize the unlimited abundance that is yours for the asking. If you’re not familiar with The Secret, it reveals the natural law of attraction that is governing all lives. By applying the knowledge of this law, you can change every aspect of your life.

This is the secret to prosperity, health, relationships and happiness.

Print the check, fill in your name and the amount you wish to receive in your chosen currency, then sign and date it. Place the check in a prominent position where you will see it every day! Every time you look at your check, believe and feel that you have the money now!I did this about a year ago and was very skeptical, but I freaked out when it worked. I was out of work, no prospects and out of the blue a client called me and booked a gig (singing) that matched withing a hundred dollars. Now you have to be realistic when you write the amount.

They say the laws of attraction work. I don’t know exactly how it happens, what I do know is that it happened for me. Hope it works for you. Now I know there are skeptics out there and you’ll have a field day professing how ridiculous this is–if this is you it probably won’t work. You have to trust that it will. Hey, what do ya have to lose? 

So, this is my gift to you. Hopefully it will bring you something great! Good luck.


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  1. khan says:

    Could you please help explain if this is correct?
    1.We write the amout where it is said ” pay “.Right?
    2.We write the amount where it is said”in the order of ,right?
    3.We sign where it is said ” drawer”
    please let me know your advice ,thank you so much.

    1. projectunity says:

      Yes that is exactly how you write out the Universal Check. Good luck!!

  2. abera . fitsum says:

    ya it really does happen bt i only see it happen on friends or relatives of me . i dont know how or why bt every time i think that something will happen in my surround it happens.
    every thought i make on others it happens bt not exactly on me , even when i want something to happen for my self it goes round and fol on others.
    so my friends i like your bleaves bt i need to understand it well and interpret soon before i pass my18 birthday . thanks for reading and if your willing pls send me some exercises on the secret .
    thank you
    abera ,fitsum
    ethiopia,addis abeba

  3. Anna says:

    I wrote my first Universal Check 6 years ago.I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and The Secret.

    1. projectunity says:

      It’s pretty amazing what we can receive from the universe if we just ask. Thanks for your comment.


    buenas tardes: les recomiendo . primero coloquen el monto en letras de la cantidad deseada , luego la cantdad en numeros en el recuadro, luego coloque el mombre completo
    y luego firmarlo. después de todo esto por favor imaginarse que la cantidad que pidieron ya la tienen en su banco , que el banco del universo les hizo una transferencia a su cuenta,ese es todo el trabajo que tienen que hacer, les recuerdo que todo es poder mental y por favor darle las gracias al banco del universo .

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