In light of my most recent communication with a very immoral and unscrupulous person online that revealed to me that he was knowingly tricking people by infecting them with HIV he hooked up with by slipping off his condom, or cutting it while in the wrapper, has prompted me to put out some condom safety tips for those who want the willy wrapped and stayed wrapped and safe. It’s just CONDOM Sense!

1. Make sure, that you have a condom that you know for sure hasn’t been tampered with. It’s very easy for anyone to take a razor and cut the condom while still inside the wrapper.

2. Be sure to check periotically that the condom is still on this person by feeling if the condom is in fact still there and not slipped off.

3. If  lube is on his penis before putting on the condom, make sure you or he wipes off the lube as it makes it much easier for the condom to slip off.

4. Don’t trust that he is putting on the condom just because you handed it to him-watch him put it on or put the condom on him yourself.

5. Make sure that the resevoir tip has enough space on the top to hold the sperm as if it does not, sperm can’t leak back down the condom.

6. Don’t allow him to flush the condom down the toilet as this is ‘evidence’ that he infact ejaculated in the condom-instead have him throw it in the trash can.

7. Never reuse condoms as they are only made for one usage.

8. Remember, only latex condoms provide the best protection against STD’s.

9. Condoms do have a shelf life, so check the expiration dates.

10. Be sure to use the right lubricants when having sex. If you decide to use an additonal lubricant, make sure it is NOT oil based. This means DO NOT USE BABY OIL, MINERAL OIL, COLD CREAM, LOTION OR VASELINE. Doing so may be harmful to the latex and thus put you at more risk of breakage.

Partner trust was the most cited reason for not wearing protection in a recent study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. But be careful, the Centers for Disease Control cautions, because even a trustworthy partner could unknowingly have a sexually transmitted disease. Many participants in the study said they didn’t always wear protection because sex feels better without. But if you don’t use protection, you run the risk of something that feels much worse!


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