The Killing of Gay Men in Iraq

untitledIn recent news the Iraqi government has executed gay men by hanging them in public displays showing their barbaric forum of treatment of people who are homosexual. It’s appauling to think that this kind of behavior is promoted by it’s government. If the government doesn’t find the men who are breaking Islamic law by murdering them if they do so, the militant Islamic faction make sure to hunt down anyone who may be suspected of being gay.

If only there were an overseeing of a governing power, for example such as The United Nations that could not only take a stand on this threat and violence towards any sect of government by oppression which sentences gays to death, then they would be able enforce a governmental worldwide policy of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights that the UN adopted in 1948. If this were to happen, there would be a considerable less amount of persecution of gays who otherwise would not have any protection of these basic human rights.

No religion, regardless of tradition, governing power, or by their unspoken reasons for their hatred against gays, or anyone who finds themselves at the hands of nothing less than an executioner, has no validity or right to subjugate their people by the fear and hate they espouse against these groups of minorities.

The Islamic principles that are followed by it’s government that impugn the dignity and human rights, imprison and arbitrarily kill gays should be held accountable as acts of crimes against humanity. There is no moral argument or justification of the execution of gays by any government in the name of religion. Too much blood has been shed as it is over the centuries–it’s time to put a stop it.

Every country on this planet should be held accountable to it’s actions towards it’s people seeing that they are not abused or persecuted unfairly, as much if not more than the steps that are taken to ensure that nuclear weapons are not created. It is our humanity that binds us all together, but it is the inhumanity that separates us. Indeed it is something that should be met with a clear understanding that this kind of treatment will not be tolerated.

Amnesty International, IRAQI LGBT, and the Human Rights Campaign are taking steps to try to help these people break free from these injustices in their own country, but with much resistance. Until there is a common denominator that can bind the inherent rights of everyone around the world, seeing that no one is treated with any less dignity and respect as any other person on this planet, then we will be met with the challenges that face us.

There isn’t much we can do other than to bring awareness to those who may not realize what exists. It’s easy to sit at our computers and complain about the atrocities in our world yet only offer our words as a source of help. But sadly, words are nothing without action.

But, what WE can do is join those organizations and support their efforts in trying to help those who need our help the most. Write your senators and voice your concerns, and take the initiative to contact the UN and let them know what you think about what is going on in those countries by offering your solutions and opinions on the matter.

It is fear within that stunts the growth of humanity. Nothing can be done without our thoughts, words, and action. Take the opportunity and reach out to those who around the world in countries to help those who are met with devistating consequences for just being who they are. Despite the hate that many are faced with, we share a singular commonality in that indeed we are all brothers and sisters–wanting to be accepted and loved, to live openly and freely in this world.


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